Every woman should have an erotic fantasy...  or be one.

An Erotic Reality Show by Artist / Photographer, David Goldner

Have you ever fantasized about being an Erotic ‘Pin Up’ Girl?
Then “The Pin Up” may be looking for you!  Weather you’re
a Teacher, a Lawyer, or just the girl next door...
Ever woman should have an erotic fantasy!  Or be one!

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 The Pin Up"
An Erotic Reality Show by Artist / Photographer, David Goldner
WGA# 1705571

The Origin of The Pin Up:

The art of the Pin-Up originated in the 1890’s, and is thought by many to be a “bold feminist act, to eliminate the norm of women’s restrictions in a patriarchal world”. Parisian artist Jules Cheret is credited with initiating this art form, by featuring young, voluptuous women in posters and advertising. By the 1900’s, The Pin-Up as an art form, was recognized by the world at large.

The American Pin-Up history is marked by the soldiers of WWII, who “kept their morale up” by posting these pin-up beauties near their bunks, and keeping dog-eared copies of them in their wallets, and rucksacks.  Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth were two of the most renowned and beloved figures of the era, and there wasn’t a soldier from the soil of the U.S. (or most of the world) who hadn’t laid their eyes on these tastefully sensual goddesses of the still photograph.

In the 40’s, Peruvian painter, Alberto Vargas became arguably, the most renowned pin-up artist of all time.  Famous for his WWII era pin-ups in Esquire Magazine, and later in the pages of Playboy Magazine, his “Vargas Girls” were the stuff of men’s dreams. The art of The Pin Up was here to stay and it’s time to expose it to the world of the reality show!

The Shows Inspiration:

Los Angeles based Photographer / Artist, David Goldner is the creator and inspiration for “The Pin-Up”.  David discovered photography in Jr. High School, in the early 70’s, when his father brought home a Cannon SLR from a business trip.  David took it out of its brand new box… and never gave it back.

David has since become a photographer who specializes in hand painting his photography into what he terms, “Glamorous Erotica”. Blending his erotic images with his 2D and 3D art, David is taking mixed media to a sexy new level on large archival canvas.

Patrick Nagel and Alberto Vargas are two of David’s favorite erotic pin-up artist’s and their influences show in his work today, a fact that didn’t escape the eye of Playboy Magazine, when they hired him to match their own cover style in the 80’s.  David’s first published Playboy cover was a Vargas style photograph of the gorgeous Shannon Tweed for the “Playmate of the Year” issue, 1982.  It was the first ‘fold out’ cover Playboy ever published.  David also created the first hand-painted cover Playboy would publish, from a glamour shot he did of Playmate Lori Carr.  Over the past 30 years, David Goldner’s hand-painted photographs have appeared on numerous calendars, posters, record covers and magazine covers.

In addition, David has photographed and painted some of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood: Renee Russo, Kim Bassinger, Demi Moore, and others.  And if you have ever seen an image of Cassandra Peterson as her alter ego, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, there is a very good chance it was shot by David Goldner, an official favorite photographer of the ultra-sexy cult figure.

In recent years, the digital world has become a driving force in the art world, and David has fully embraced it as he mixes pixels, pigments and paints into a mélange of glamorous and erotic fantasy art.  Through his knowledge of photography, his blending of fine art, his 3D computer technology and his love and 30 years appreciating the female form, David Goldner is now striving to become one of the premiere Pin-Up artists in the country, if not the world.

From Jules Cheret, to Alberto Vargas and now with David Goldner and the help of his Artist Pin Up peers, The Pin Up and its legacy continues to honor the female form, and to excite, titillate and provoke the art of The Pin Up into the new millennium.

The Show:

The Pin Up has been a part of the popular American lexicon since WWII. The female form in The Pin-Up is a revered one, and this show honors that form.

Traditionally, most Pin-Up models are the most rare in beauty and physical form.  The Pin Up will show that there are many more women who have those qualities than you might think, not just the models that are chosen to pose in national publications.  The Pin-Up will use “normal” women, who come from non-modeling positions to celebrate as The Pin Up, such as a business-woman, teacher, lawyer, coach, doctor…mom?  Literally, any woman who would appreciate this art form, and fits the profile of The Pin-Up: attractive, classy, sexy, appealing and of course, shapely. Know anyone?  Well we do!  And we hope to get past and present Centerfolds and Adult Pin Up Stars to help our newly chosen candidates on their artistic journey to become the next “Pin Up”.

The Pin Up will profile the woman chosen.  Who is she, and what does she do in her “real life”?  Does she have a family? How do they feel about this? We will undoubtedly learn something very interesting about a seemingly “normal” woman who agrees to be seen as a symbol of “Glamorous Erotica”.

The Pin Up then follows her through the process of the shoot, with make-up, hair, wardrobe and all of the primping and attention that comes with being a Pin Up model.

The world of the shoot will be explored in detail, with a behind the scenes look at the photographer, the assistants, the studio, and all that it takes to pull a Pin Up session off.  How will the photographer / artist get a woman who isn’t camera-savvy to let her guard down enough to be photographed in an erotic setting, in provocative clothing?  Or in no clothing at all?  The Pin Up will show how a woman who could be your neighbor, teacher, lawyer, doctor, trainer, EMT, etc…can be photographed and revealed as one of the most beautiful women around.
After that, we will spend time with the photographer / artist to reveal this unique process of how he starts with the raw footage and spins the chosen image into his own artistic expression of The Pin-Up, the editing process, re-touches, computer work, printing, painting, etc…

2015 Promo

Weekly Feature of Pin Up Artists, Celebrity Pin Up Girls, and Known Celebrities.

As a photographer who also paints his erotic images into Pin Up art, David’s process is unique, and that’s because he can draw from many sources when it comes to creating his art.  Since going to Art Center in the late 70’s, David has continued to go back to school, most recently learning to create photo realistic 3D in the computer.  David knows to be the best at what he does, he needs to always be a student and learn from the best.  So every week the show will feature both pin up photographers and artists, to shed light on their work, their process, their insights and aspirations for their Pin-Up art in the world of art itself.  There are many artistic contributors and visionaries to this art form both male and female and David will try to explore and honor the work of established as well as up and coming pin up artists.

We will also have experienced Pin Up Girls stopping in to help that weeks Pin Up through their new experience.  And we are also planning to have a few well known celebrities from time to time, who may have their own fantasy about being an erotic “Pin Up”.


The Pin Up will take a simple concept…. We will feature the girl next door and then some, getting naked for the camera with the end goal of creating beautiful erotic painted Pin Up Art on large canvas.  An actual finished 40 x 60 canvas.  Beautiful sexy women from many different walks of life and backgrounds will be given the opportunity to be The Pin Up of their dreams, and others!

The Pin Up takes an historic art form and shows how an artist is continuing the legacy with his own 21st century twist, while helping bring dreams to life for others.  It shows that many “normal” women have what it takes to step up to the aesthetic level of The Pin Up…  with a little help from a great artist.

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